Thursday, January 8, 2015


Our day...

Mommy gave us chocolate donut holes with breakfast. She must be insane. 

We loved them and now we expect to get them with breakfast everyday. 

Do I have something in my teeth? 

Then we went to playgroup and had a great time with our friends.  The funniest thing we did was rock in the rocking chair.  We even took turns pushing each other off.  We didn't even cry. Crazy. 
On the car ride home, mommy gave us each a snowball to play with (and because she doesn't want us to sleep in the car anymore? Wtf is that about) It was so fun. We licked and ate them up. 

Then Nana stopped by to drop something off and she pulled us around in a box. How crazy is that??!

And now we are napping.... But not for long because mommy gave us chocolate this morning so we are pretty much wired. We can't wait to wake up and start running in circles around mommy - she wore a nice sweater today so we already got it covered in syrup this morning and this afternoon we have plans to make her set up paints for us so I am sure we will make an even bigger mess on her. 
Happy Thursday friends! 

Oh and a little tbt to when we were only 4 months old because mommy says we are oh so cute! 

Peyton & Sawyer 

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