Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday 1/9/2015 4:55 - 5:08pm....

One of our fav games this month is shopping. I give each babe a bag and we "shop" around the house for anything and everything. Our most common purchases are balls, cars, Tupperware, spoons, baby dolls, and puzzle pieces. Every time at least 1 babe attempts to put Tyson in her bag but he never abides. 

Today we start to play and I give each babe a bag - identical bags, of course, as I am not a complete idiot and I know that if even the writing on the bags is remotely different - war will erupt. 

Identical bags is key.

For some reason within 20 seconds of starting to play, little Peyton gets fixated on Sawyer's bag and erupts into body slamming/tuck and roll moves/screaming to get that bag away from her. Now, before this occurred, Sawyer didn't care about her bag at all, but since Peyton now saw her bag as a coveted item, Sawyer too was now extremely attached to this bag.  Her little hands were turning white from holding onto that bag with such angst. 

I go though my usual, "that is Sawyers. This is Peyton's" "don't push her - you will hurt her" "don't pull that please" "Peyton, let's shop - this is your bag" "PEYTON THIS IS YOUR BAG!!!" (And in my mind a slew of "thebagsarethesamechilltheeffout!!!!" 
All of this paired with countless distraction techniques that usually work but today, no dice. 

Peyton does not give up and is now in full tantrum, screaming mode as she does not have possession of this amazing, fantastic bag as clearly it is much better than her shitty bag.  IDENTICAL BAG!!!!

A few minutes filled with screaming pass and Peyton is still clearly being tortured and is looking at me like I am the most neglectful mommy ever as she has this shitty bag where as Sawyer has a bag that is made out of gold and puppies (puppies are their fav)

Peyton then spots my phone in my hoodie pocket and dives for it/me/kicks me in the face/accidentally gives me a titty twister while digging for the phone and she retrieves my phone and within mere seconds is perfectly content making fake phone calls and pushing the button - go to town, girl. Just stop screaming. 

Sawyer is happily shopping and Peyton is content. No screaming.  Only laughing and good times ... The thought crossed my mind that "ahh - parenting 2 toddlers isn't so tough"

For a solid 34 seconds....

Until Sawyer spots Peyton with my phone .  All of a sudden Sawyers coveted bag becomes as interesting as a plate of cooked carrots (that they detest) 

Sawyer now erupts into full tantrum mode as her life is miserable, desolate, and incomplete unless she has my phone. 

I gave up. 

Threw them both in their high chairs and put a show on the iPad and ran into the kitchen to make them dinner aka start this blog and check Facebook. 

All of that in 13 minutes ... And to think, I used to get annoyed when someone interrupted me during a 48 minute episode of Orange is the New how times have changed (for the better - no matter how stressful it gets ;)

These 2 are pure perfection! 

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  1. I just laughed while reading that whole
    Thing bud!! Oh those two nuggets sure keep you busy!! Lol