Monday, October 15, 2012


This morning we had our 3rd IUI.
All was timed perfectly...I was ovulating pretty much as the IUI was happening.

Now we wait....

Will take a test in 2 weeks-ish.....We know how hard waiting the full 2 weeks can be!

Doc has my on progesterone for the next week and that makes the girls sore but it is well worth it on this journey!

Praying and hoping nonstop that this month its our turn to move into the next step of this journey....

Outside of praying for our bambino we are busy w/ family weddings, work, school work, and life - all good stuff :) Hoping to add a bambino to our mix soon :)

I am psyched for the cooler weather that is approaching. LOVE the fall and snow in the winter and snowboarding - but hopefully this year I'll be sidelined :)

However you pray - please pray that this IUI is successful and puts us further on the path of being parents!

Wishing and Hoping nonstop....


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