Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plan for #4

Here we are again....gearing up for another IUI! 

Still sad and having trouble moving past the failed 3rd IUI however .... all wonderful things take time! and patience! and faith! All that we do have...granted we need reminders at times but overall, we are holding strong! 

I will be on Clomid for CD's 4-8. Taking 5 pills a day for cycle days 4,5, and 6 and 4 pills for cycle days 7 and 8. That is the highest dose I have ever been on and I am all for trying new techniques - but those hot flashes (luckily my ONLY side effect of Clomid) will be stroooooong! 

First u/s and blood-work will be on November 9th which is cycle day 11 - slightly early but doc wants to be sure he does not miss this ovulation. 
I bet we will be back in on Sunday the 11th - cycle day 13 for u/s and blood-work then possible IUI depending on how the follies are doing....

Outside of our bambino journey, we survived the hurricane! Guinness and some delic potato leek soup helped us through! Thinking of all of those who lost their homes and lives....

We are heading to the mountains this weekend for some time around the campfire, delic food, and great company!

Kickin off the next step of this journey with excitement and high hopes!! xx

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