Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tres x2

After my post yesterday I got a call from our doc and he said to come in for another IUI to increase our chances. So bright and early this morning - off we went back to the fertility clinic for another IUI. 

Timing was perfect - as soon as we arrived, we had another u/s and it showed I have ovulated already - yay! Sometime between 9am Monday and 8am Tuesday I ovulated. We had 1 IUI at 9am Monday and the next at 8am Tuesday. Cryogenic sperm lives approx 24 hours and the egg is fertile for approx 24 hours SO fingers crossed!! 
Praying for our positive! 

I also got acupuncture this month before both IUI's. Hoping that this will increase blood flow to the uterus and help our chances of getting our BFP!

This time was extra special because he asked Erin to inject the specimen - very cool for both of us :)

I'll definitely update as we proceed and spend the next few weeks waiting and praying!!


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