Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Excitement and Nerves.

Well we have an appointment with the doc in only 3 days and hopefully soon after that we will take our first chance at making you. I am so excited - beyond words excited to create you and also scared if we go through hardships in making you. We are thinking positive and being realistic.

I am already thinking about life with you and how much you will bring to our lives. I think about our lil apartment and how much we are moving and changing things to make it the best place for you. I picture your mommy squeezing you and kissing you and being WAY over protective of you. We can not wait to have you in our lives.

We fall asleep at night thinking about you. I am hoping so much that we can create you soon. While I don't pray and still am not sure who I believe in up there but whoever it is I am hoping with all that I am and all that I have that they help us in this journey and bring you to us soon.

Love you already.

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